In the never-ending battle to attract an audience, the one who determines how to control the most eyes makes the most money. In my genre, I am that person. I’m a nonfiction religious author, and for the past three years, I have consistently outsold all of my nonfiction competitors on Amazon, including the top New York Times best-sellers, such as Rick Warren, Max Lucado, and Joel Osteen. I have even outsold other Christian books during their blockbuster movies. How did I do it? Read on…

My journey began with tragedy. In early July 2011, I nearly died from a heart condition. Because of overwhelming medical bills, my finances were destroyed, food was hard to put on the table, and my family was plagued with the possibility of becoming homeless.

It was then that I decided to finish a book I had been working on for years. I chose to self-publish it but not for money. I was a preacher, and I thought my situation was a prime opportunity to spread the message that I love and which changed my life.

I made $50 that first month, but I continued writing. I gained each month, but it still wasn’t enough to cover the bills. Then something drastically changed the sixth month. I went from $1,500/month to $14,000/month. By the eighth month, I was making $40,000/month. Since then I have distributed 2,000,000 books and made a solid six figures year after year, providing continuous revenue for my ministry.

Pretty crazy, huh? So what changed that sixth month? My book launch strategy. You must follow a certain system to experience these sky-high lifts on the algorithm, and that system can be replicated time and time again without fail.

I packaged that system into a free training series that I teach to authors on my website

Much more is involved in selling books, though, than a launch. While you must learn how to have rock-solid launches, if that’s all you know, you’ll be stuck in the trap of writing and publishing day in, day out. I also fell victim to this trap until I learned another tactic that changed everything.

Since that time, I have written less and focused my attention on more important aspects of my life and ministry. In fact, I haven’t written in more than seven months, but I’m actually making more money now than last year.

How is this possible? You must learn how to convert your book sales at a higher rate, build an audience, and connect with them. Ultimately, I have learned that the bigger my audience, the more I sell.

So let’s break it down.

How to Convert More Book Sales

Doing this is simpler than you might imagine. Here are the top five things that convert your books into sales:

  • Title
  • Cover
  • Description
  • First 5–10 pages
  • Price Point

If any of these are out of balance, your sales could flatline. During your launch, you need every extra sale you can get to rank higher and have a longer tail end on the algorithm.

Your title should hook the reader.

Your cover needs to be professionally designed. Check the best-seller list in your genre on Amazon. Look at the top ten and compare your cover to theirs. Which one looks better? Theirs or yours?

If you plan to have a bestseller, you’ll launch a bestseller.

Your description should not describe your book but hook the customer. The same principle applies for the first five to ten pages. Hook, hook, hook! During your launch, a lower price point helps you sit higher on the algorithm, allowing you to raise it after the sale and make more profit.

How to Get More Fans and Subscribers

You need fan funnels for a bigger audience. A fan funnel is a strategy of using a free book or short story to lure a customer from your target audience onto your email lists and then onto your social media. These platforms allow you to create highly targeted traffic that you can aim at your sales page on launch day. As this audience grows, your chances of hitting a best-seller list grows as well. Your fans are your future, so don’t neglect them!

Your fan funnel begins with a free book offer in exchange for an email address. Then, rather than sending them to a thank-you page, you ask them to like or follow your social media. This one trick alone tripled my weekly Facebook likes.

By following these steps, you’ll have an additional opportunity to sell to your audience if they miss the email.

It doesn’t take a large audience to make a decent living as an author. My genre is one of the worst for being successful. Amazon gives little visibility to religion because of the different beliefs customers have on their website. If I can go from beyond broke and buried in bills to a successful book platform in a genre that gets little visibility, nothing is holding you back. You could sell more than I do and make a phenomenal career out of what you love. All you have to do is grow your audience and connect with them.

While it may seem simple, this strategy has worked for all the top authors: build a fan base, convert higher, launch hard . . . that’s it.

How to Launch

In the beginning of your career, you should use book blogs, and schedule as many large ones as you can into a three-day period. With free books, try to launch everything in one day.

As you grow your fan base or if you get an ad with, you can get more traction by hitting up as many large book blogs as you can in five to seven-day time-frame.

Don’t rely solely on book blogs, though, because while they’re a great place to start, building your fan base is what drives you forward. Many people kick-start their career with a BookBub ad. I got my first ad three years after making six figures yearly. Trust me: become your own BookBub. When you actually get a BookBub ad, it will be just icing on the cake.

Adam is a #1 internationally bestselling of over 100 books on the Christian faith. He has hit the top of the religious charts in both the United Kingdom and the United States during his launches, and has consistently outsold his competitors (such as Joel Osteen, Alex Kendrick, and Max Lucado) on