Note from Nick: This is a guest post from Gemma Gaten. 

Writing is never easy. So if there are apps or web services that you can use to make your writing journey faster and easier, take advantage of it. 

In this digital world, there are plenty of applications or web tools every writer can use in their convenience. All types of online tools made available for you all you have to do is to discover and try it. Turn your passion for writing into a rewarding career by using these online resources in creating your masterpieces. Grab your laptop, sit down, and start perusing and test the effectiveness of each online writing tool that can help you become productive and better writer. 

Here’s a list of sure-fire online tools that can boost your creativity and improve your craft:

1. Aldaily

This site is a good source of essays, book reviews, magazine stories, and news from various publications. If you can’t think of ideas on what to write about, visit this site and you’ll surely get useful information and great articles that can help you with your writing. For inspiration and creative ideas, you’ll definitely get a lot from here.

2. Grammarly

For a best online grammar checker, grammarly is an efficient automated proofreader and grammar coach for writers. It does a thorough grammar check and it is also accurate when it comes to spelling errors. Based on some reviews, this is the easiest tool to use among all the online grammar checkers that you can find on the web.


Brainstorming is a requirement in all sorts of writing form. If you’re struggling in this stage, a free tool called can aid you in generating ideas and enables you to organize your thoughts through creating bubble maps. It is easy to use. Though it doesn’t require account registration, if you want to save your work here you have to make a personal account on the site.

4. Bibme

Creating a bibliography is such a pain for most writers but it doesn’t have to be that way now since there is an online tool, like bibme, which enables you to make and format bibliography and citations quickly. This is a free automatic citation creator that has an ability to compile a bibliography which supports MLA, APA, Chicago, and Turabian formatting.

5. Writingroom

The writingroom is an online writing community designed for writers, students and readers. In this site, you can able to share your writing, communicate with other writers, upload photos and participate in different activities with others users. This will help you develop your writing skills and enhance your creativity as a writer.


This is an effective to-do list manager which helps writers in managing their activities and writing projects. This app is packed with special features that you can use in your everyday writing. It is flexible and the design is so simple that you can easily get familiar with.

7. Dictionary

The quickest way to look up for definition of words is through using a Dictionary app. This is a great tool not only for students but even to writers. This free online dictionary is useful for vocabulary development, spelling, and phonetic pronunciation.

8. Bestessay

Most writers have problems with the deadline that they have to meet. If you find yourself struggling to finish your writing on time, you might consider seeking help from a reliable writing services. Bestessay provides quality writing assistance in all areas of study. Their professional writers and expert editors will back you up in your writing problems.

9. Writeapp

Distration is one of the enemies of most writers. It is hard to stay focus while working and once you get hit by writer’s block all the ideas and inspiration seems to fade away. This simple distraction-free web-based writing app is th solution to your writing dilemma. You can easily register on it since it’s free to use. It also allows you to create multiple notebooks to keep your thoughts separated. Another special feature of this app is you can share notes publicly or through email to certain people.

10. Hemingwayapp

Hemingway is one of the best writers of all time. Many wants to write like Hemingway that’s why a new web app was developed and created by Adam and Ben Long inspired by the great author’s persona. The premise of this is to help writers to achieve clear and bold writing. This site enables users to copy and paste content in the text editor then the app will analyze and scrutinize it. The app will highlight the text if it needs some corrections.

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