If you missed “Episode 1 (For Writers),” check it out here. If you missed others, you can check them one out here–they’re all about productivity, writing, and blogging! Each week, I’ll be combing through the RSS feeds, blogs, and news sites I frequent (read: “waste time on”) and link out to some great resources I’ve found.

These are all links to blogs and websites that I visit regularly, either in person or through my awesome Mac RSS reader (aptly named “Reeder”) and the apps from the great people at ReadItLater. I have culled these from the most obscure of places as well as the most popular websites alike, and each of these links has served a purpose for me–either helping to solve a problem, get something written in a gooder better way, or to just give me a little inspiration along the way.

I hope you enjoy these links as much as I have; be sure to visit each site and subscribe to their lists, as well as mine! Also, if you aren’t yet aware, I started up the mailing list again, so be sure to grab that sweet chunk of free stuff.Without further ado:

  • The Most Inspirational Content Ever for People Interested in Blogging

Section 1: General Blogging

Have a blog? Maybe? Not quite? Whether you’re a newbie or an expert, here are some AWESOME posts and articles that can take your blog to the next level:

Section 2: Promotion

I tried to include some links that have helped me promote my blog, and some that I’ve used in the past:

Section 3: “Because There’s Supposed to Be a Section 3”

Annnndddd with section 3 I’ll drop some more general blogging posts that I think rock:

Whew. That was pretty fun, but it’s not even close to finished! Stay tuned for another episode of The Awesomest Links You Ever Did See (I’m still working with the name…). I’ll be posting every Wednesday it looks like, so be sure to check back then. Or, you can subscribe to the RSS feed!
Oh, and since this blog is also a great resource for other stuff besides writing, I’m planning to do a linking episode of cool stuff like cookingwriting, and money tips as well–all things that I’ve found online that have somehow helped or taught me.
And, as always, I’d love your input–how have you received this post? Did you find something on here you liked? Anything I should add? Just leave a comment!