They say that there’s no much career and money in writing. Any novice would be discouraged to hear that. Being in the writing industry is a tough choice. It is like knowing and doing all the effective strategies to be recognized.

The most difficult part of being a writer is starting out. Beginners may be facing different challenges but it is not impossible to get the success they dream of.

Making a name as a writer even when just starting is recommended. This is a good jumpstart to being a popular writer.

Start a Blog

Blog is the most accessible place for everyone where you can showcase your writing skill. This is also the easiest tool to make you be discovered.

You can write about anything on your blog like the things that interest you, personal experiences and journey, writing tips and advices, book reviews, etc. But it is recommended if you will set your specific niche or theme of your blog. If you are into books, then write reviews about the books you’ve read or if you love to travel then make a travel blog.

Blogging is not just showing your writing talent. It is also use to show your real interest as a writer and develop your knowledge and skill for it.

Social Media Presence

It is also a good start for beginners to be active on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest are just some of the best social medias to establish yourself as a writer.

Make a good public profile and connect it to your blog. Add users and follow interesting people. Be active in updating your status in relation to who you are and what you do as a writer.

This is a simple way to be recognized as a writer when others look at your profile, status updates and blog posts.

Make a Portfolio

Writers, artists and other creative individuals create a portfolio to provide potential clients sample of their works. Portfolio can be a hard-copy or made online. The most important thing is that your portfolio includes your best works since the very day you started your passion.

The articles, short stories, research paper, poems, essays, and even writing assignments you did when you were a student can also be included on your writing portfolio as long as you think these are worthy of publication.

Do Freelance Writing

When you establish your blog, there are clients who would contact you asking you to write for them. Grab the opportunity but ensure that the client and its product or service they want you to write for are quality and trustworthy. Not all freelance writers use the opportunity as a head start for a better writing career. Most of them just use freelance writing as an extra work to earn more money from.

Not all freelance writers too are ideal individuals media and publishing companies trust. So you should be careful in accepting freelance writing jobs. Once you got a respectable client and made you one of their valuable contributor, expect the big doors opening for you.

Get Published

You can start sending out your best works to publishers even without the above tips. But it will really be helpful to be recognized as a writer if you establish your web profile, blog and portfolio first.

You can propose your topics to magazines that accept submission from readers and aspiring writers. You can also inquire for the free space on newspapers.

Don’t worry about being rejected. Rejection is a part of finding a good career path. Believe in yourself and do your best. You will be surely published and all your hard works will be paid off.

Writing novices should begin as soon as they started in making ways to get the attention of publishers. This is to help them be noted as a writer and get the possibility of being trusted to make publications.

But don’t hasten the possibility of achieving your dream. It will really be a challenge to start out. But if you have a great passion and aspiration to be successful, you will definitely rip what you sow.

Best of luck to the challenges and stages you will need to go through and to your first ever writing career!

Author bio:

Jennifer Joplin is a passionate researcher and writer of She dreams of publishing her own book someday.