Well, it’s a great day in the life of a podcaster when you get to interview Joanna Penn of TheCreativePenn.com.

So today’s a great day.

Yep, we’ve got Joanna Penn, full-time indie author and self-publishing expert. I don’t use that term lightly, either. Joanna knows her stuff. Enjoy this one, and keep it handy — you’ll want to take notes on what she has to say!

Show notes: 

I ask about Joanna’s history — how did she get to where she was? Who was she before she was a super-duper famous author? How did her early career experience prepare her for this indie lifestyle?

Joanna and I talk about running an author blog, separate from a “nonfiction” or self-publishing blog. It’s something I’ve considered for quite some time, and she ended up talking me into setting up my own (see the link mentioned below).

Also, we discuss the concept of running a “media empire,” or basically an “author business.” What does it mean to be an entrepreneur¬†and author, and how do you keep it all organized? When should you make the switch, and why?

There’s much,¬†much more in this episode, so be sure to download it and listen to it when you’ve got some time!

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