Kevin Tumlinson: In the House!

Starting TODAY, please welcome to the show THE Kevin Tumlinson, author and marketer extraordinaire! He’s written a handful of fantastic books, all of which can be found at his website, Kevin Tumlinson, and he’s also been co-writing a series with me called The Lucid. (The Lucid is about a man who’s being chased by baddies because they need something from him. He realizes they’ve put something in the water supply, and he needs to figure out what it is. It’s available for pre-order on Amazon).

Today’s episode is more of a “fireside chat” with Kevin Tumlinson, without the fire. And without being next to one another (he’s in Texas, and I’m in Colorado). We discuss an article Kevin found called 5 Reasons Why Your Self-Published Book Isn’t Selling, written by Crystal Ponti. Aside from that, we sort of just… go off on tangents, which we think (*we hope*) is funny and somewhat entertaining. Also, I’m in a coffee shop, which is why you’ll hear a bunch of noise in the background. I had internet connectivity issues up at my Writer’s Cabin (aka “home”), so I apologize.

We’re both, uh, quite tangential in this show, so hopefully you’ll join us on the ride!


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