I had the pleasure of interviewing two amazing young men not too long ago: Seth and Chandler Bolt. 

You may have heard of at least one of the Bolts through his band, NEEDTOBREATHE: 

NEEDTOBREATHE – Something Beautiful

Anyway, they (the Brothers Bolt) wrote a book

In a week.

That’s right — 370 pages, 7 days. 

What could you do with that sort of focus, energy, and productivity? 

The interview we did was recorded from Screenflow, my favorite Mac-based screen-recording app, and we used Google Hangouts for the actual, uh, “hangout.” We talked about their book, Breaking Out of a Broken Systemmalaria, how they wrote it in a week, and music. 

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The book, and this interview, talks about some of these things. Breaking Out of a Broken System is about just that — getting out of the system that you know is “broken,” and replacing it with another. 

One that you make. 

One that’s not broken anymore. 

From the Amazon.com sales page: 

“Has your life turned out exactly as planned?

When you were younger did you have dreams of being a rockstar?
…a fireman?
…a doctor?

Who did you want to be before the world told you who you should be?
When we’re born, we enter a world full of systems, most of which are out of our control. There are tons of unwritten rules and social pressures we feel forced to follow. 

We’re pressured to:
– study hard and get good grades
– get accepted and attend college
– graduate and find a secure job
– get married and start a family
We’re trained not to stray too far from the path.”

Sound like something you’d like to read? 

As a writer, creator, and artist, I can guarantee you’ll get something out of the book — but if you don’t, there’s still a great reason to buy it: 

Every book sold saves one human life. 

That’s not a typo — the price of the ebook is strategically set so that every purchase will allow the Bolt brothers to purchase one malaria pill: 

“Each book sold saves a life by providing a life-saving malaria pill (#1book1life). 

Each year, 1.2 million people die from malaria. This is solely because many villages only receive 3-4 months worth of pills per year to cure the disease.

Our mission with the “Breaking Out of a Broken System” book launch is to buy 10,000 life-saving malaria pills by selling 10,000 copies of this book.
Buy this book, change your life. Buy this book, save another.”

Use the hashtag #1book1life when you purchase to let everyone else know what’s up. 

And watch the interview. You’ll see not only the Bolt brothers being their awesome selves, you’ll also see me being an absolutely terrible interviewer. 

Whatever you do, buy the book

Have you read it yet? Leave a comment below and let us know!