There are many people that have the talent for writing but they never really get to write a novel or short story. People are often afraid to commit to writing a novel because it seems like a lot of responsibility. They also do not realize their dream of becoming an author because they are not happy or satisfied with the small things they have written. Most of the people fail to use their writing talent because they do not know where to begin.

Writing something such as a novel can be overwhelming but here are a few tips that can help the beginners in making a start.

Stay away from irrelevant stories:

If you are planning to start a novel then you should make sure that you stay focused on one story-line. If you try to handle too many story-lines at the same time you will end up confused and will find it difficult to write something that makes any sense. Before you start writing you need to decide which story line you are going to follow. Irrelevant stories will only end up confusing you and to write good material you need to stay focused.

Introducing characters:

Introducing the characters is not an easy task as you want to convey the right impression of the character. You also do not want to overwhelm the readers by introducing too many names on the front page. You need to separate the major characters from the minor ones so that you can pay your full attention to the character development of the major characters instead of the minor ones.

When you are introducing the characters, you should keep the way you introduce people in real life. It will make it easier to make the introductions. Do not share all the details about a character on just one page. It will make it too overwhelming for the people and it will also take all the curiosity out of a character. If people know everything about a character in the beginning of the novel, they will not be curious enough to continue reading. Keep the readers engaged with character development and keep the readers guessing.

Need for prologue and epilogue:

The beginners think that the prologue and epilogue are important part of the novel but it is not entirely true. These two sections of the book can be the most boring section of a book. If these two sections are not interesting, it will discourage the readers from moving forward with the novel. If you are having difficulty in coming up with an attractive and engaging prologue and epilogue then there is no harm in skipping them.

Careful word choice:

The words you choose to express your ideas are important. If you do not choose the right words then you will find it difficult to convey the story that you are trying to tell. Getting too wordy is not the key to success. Make sure that you keep the wordiness limited if you want to make sure that the book is engaging.