SPA 15: Focus and Productivity for Writers

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Happy Halloween!

On the show today we talked about the thing we’ve talked about talking about for the last two times we’ve talked (still following?):

Focus and Productivity for Writers

Focus and productivity for writers means anything that helps us, as writers, focus and stay productive. It means doing things that improve focus and increase productivity. 

Show notes:

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Nick ThackerSPA 15: Focus and Productivity for Writers
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  • Nora Adams

    What a great podcast. I’ve listened to a lot of them, but this one was a pleasant surprise. I’d like to hear more.

    • Nick Thacker

      Thanks Nora! We appreciate having you listen!

  • Doctorate Degree Programs UK

    Very interesting. The host has a very pleasant voice to listen to. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Nick Thacker


  • Brooke Sheppard

    Thank you for providing this informational post.

    • Nick Thacker

      Our pleasure

  • Eve Barnett

    Very informational post and great podcast with so much fun and information about writers. Sharing this one all over.

    • Nick Thacker

      Thanks Eve!

  • Gloria Richards

    Awesome post about the “15 focus and productivity for writers” by the! I really like the way it was written and it makes so much sense and I can totally relate to the post.