SPA 32: How to Design A Great Book Cover (Part 1)

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Today we’re discussing book cover design. The first of two (at least) episodes, this one’s about typeface/font choice for DIY cover design (and what to look for if someone else is doing it for you).

News from Nick:

  • Nick has a BookBub ad, so we’ll talk about the results of that next week
  • KDP (Amazon) has a new Dashboard look and feel, and it’s oh-so-nice!
  • The Enigma Strain audiobook edition is in production, once again by Mike Vendetti (produced The Golden Crystal and The Depths) – at
  • The Atlantis Deception has 44 reviews! It hit the #9 spot in Kindle Worlds!

News from Kevin:

Most important features, in order, of a great cover:

  • Scale: needs to be able to be read at a small size
  • Title: needs to be readable, designed well
  • Fonts/Typefaces:
  • Use an artboard like Pinterest to see a lot of great covers at once, or use Scrivener

…and then we gave up for the week. Check us out next week for the follow-up to this episode!

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Nick ThackerSPA 32: How to Design A Great Book Cover (Part 1)