SPA 37: Crafting a Killer Book Launch

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Want to launch a book, and actually make sales? This is the episode for you!

Some things Kevin and Nick mention:

“Stuff at the Back of the Book” – Kevin’s strategy for launching the next book in the series

Launching a book can certainly be done with big, epic, things, but for most of us small changes can lead to big wins:

  • Sending emails to friends/family/acquaintances, asking them to support me in some small way
  • Slowly building a mailing list from scratch
  • ASK PEOPLE to do the things you need them to do!

Best strategies for launching a book with no list:

  • Guest posts
  • Interview posts
  • Build that mailing list!

There’s much more hidden in this episode, so give it a listen! When you’re finished, give us a review on iTunes!

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Nick ThackerSPA 37: Crafting a Killer Book Launch