Only have one book? Mark’s advice: write the second book. No matter what.

Want more advice? Read on, and listen in to this week’s show:

We chat with Mark Dawson, of Self Publishing Formula course fame (and a damn fine author, to boot!), about Facebook (and other) advertising. One of the things that (naturally) came up was a discussion about building a mailing list, and the immense value therein. For instance:

  • Mark has an advance team (like Nick’s “Street Team“) of over 700 readers
  • Those readers help with technical issues, errors, typos, plot edits, etc.
  • He’s able to launch every book he writes to the Top 100 in Amazon’s store

In short, he’s been able to do that using nothing but Facebook’s advertising platform.

Questions we asked Mark:

  1. How much money do we need to start?
  2. What about genre? Young Adult (young) readers aren’t really on Facebook/able to purchase books
  3. What’s next, after Facebook?