Happy Christmastime Veteran’s Day podcast! (It’s Veteran’s Day-ish when this was recorded, but Christmas-ish when it’s going live)

We answer a voicemail about building a website, then jump into the topic: “overcommitting.”

Basically, “overcommitting” is committing to too much at one time. How do you know you’re overcommitted? Can you effectively diagnose overcommitment?

  •  Justin: “When I have to start sacrificing time with my family because there’s too much on my plate.” Also, “I use a stick-on whiteboard where I put all my books and ideas, then I just do what I want.”
  • Kevin: “Doing too many tasks or things that don’t coincide with my long-term goals.” Also: “My whole life, I’ve always balanced my life and tackled projects, but it’s always been in my head.”

Neil Gaiman’s commencement speech

What would you tell newer writers/authors? 

  • Kevin: “Beware of chasing the good ideas!”
  • Justin: “Don’t be afraid to overcommit, to a degree.”
  • Nick: “Plan in your 20s so you can do what you want in your 50s.”