WriteHacked is about making you a better writer and self-published author:

This blog is all about the “real life” behind writing — a focus not just on the craft and storytelling stuff, but on the platform building and marketing stuff. And if you want to join us to receive high-quality instructions and materials - go to the pages relevant to you on the site, or contact Engaging Argumentative Essay and don't worry.

You’re probably already a pretty great writer, so this blog is focused on helping you figure out the other half of becoming a “successful” writer:

Maybe you’re not the best HTML programmer out there, or don’t have the patience to learn WordPress from the ground up. No problem–we’ve got you covered.

Maybe you want to make some money selling your books or work online, but you just don’t really know how. Or it feels too “spammy.” Again, we’ve got you covered.

Whatever it is, there’s probably a post about it here (or there will be soon!). Browse around, ask a question, and get involved!

Why “WriteHacked.com”?

WriteHacked.com used to be called “LiveHacked.com” The “live” half of our name suggested that we shouldn’t just accept the status quo. We don’t need to need be okay with simply living a mediocre life. Instead, “LiveHacked” was about living the life God wants us to live, in the best way possible.

That means enjoying the food we eat, thewords we write, and thepeople we interact with.

Nothings changed with that — that’s still what we believe. We just think that since the topics around here have been almost exclusively on writing, we should rename the blog to fit that idea!

Why “we”?

Alright, I’ve said “we” quite a bit in the last few paragraphs. No, I’m not trying to sound “bigger” than I really am–“we” means that LiveHacked.com is more than just what “I” can do.

“We” means the handful of bloggers, writers, and supporters who help out with the content, ideas, and vision of the site. It’s mostly one guy (see below), but there are other people involved in some processes, like guest posting. If you’re interested in becoming one of these people, send me an email!