No doubt, if you are an aspiring writer then at some point of your career you must have asked the question, ‘How to make my book a bestseller?’ to the publisher or any bestselling author. Right? Well, being a writer, if you want to sell your books to the maximum possible number of readers and get appreciated by them then it makes absolute sense! It is quite obvious that such a turn in your career would let you build your reputation like never before. It can be useful for you to take courses or find complex tasks to upgrade your skills. And do not be upset if something does not work out, because you can always buy book reports and clearly see the analysis of specialists.

So, if you want your voice to be heard then you need to take some effective and exclusive strides. You certainly can’t turn a novel into a bestseller if it is not well-written. But, apart from just considering the fact of writing in a great style, you ought to take care of some other actualities to make your book a bestseller.

Want to know the secrets of doing so? Then, here are the six approaches through which you would be able to make your book the biggest talk of the town.

Just read ahead and I genuinely believe that these tips would work for you!

1. Go for Something That You Believe

If you are bearing an idea in your brain that a topic which would be appealing enough to the crowd would make your book a bestseller then you are absolutely wrong. Instead, write on such topics which you find interesting and want to read about the same.

As Carol Shields rightly said, ‘ Write the book you want to read, the one you cannot find’. So, in spite of writing a monotonous book in a conventional style if you write a story that matters to you then there is a greater chance of it becoming a bestseller.

2. Opt for the Right Theme

One of the best factors which can let a novel to stand out from the rest is its theme. Your readers would recommend your book to others only when they can relate to the same. Also, they refer a book to someone when they find that the book is conveying a message that others need to read. So, you should invest your precious time and energy to find out the right theme for your novel.

3. Let the Tone be Neutral

If your motto is to make your book recognizable throughout the world then you ought to write in a way which can connect to all kind of readers. But, wait! By this statement of mine, I am not meaning that your story should be based on global culture only.

You can very well write a story about something which is close to your heart, like your nation, culture or whatever! Just make sure that the dialogues, narration, writing style etc. are understandable by audiences who are present around the globe.

Do you remember the Booker Prize Winner of 2015- A Brief History of Seven Killings? Well, I am talking about such kind of tone.

4. Design Your ‘Book Cover’ Uniquely

We might have believed in a statement like ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ for years. But, practically, the outer look of the book usually convey the whole story in a simplified way which is written inside.

So, to give your book a one of a kind look intends to be something quite significant. But, don’t think that you need to shell out a huge amount of money for doing this! All you need is a creative designer who is expert in making the ideas live in terms of a classy book cover.

5. Opt for the Perfect Publisher

Well, when it comes to turning a book into a bestseller then the publisher plays one of ‘The Most Important’ roles. The brand credibility of the publisher that you are choosing for would affect the credibility of your book in an immense way. So, don’t forget to choose such a publisher which can let the graph of your book’s sales go higher!!

6. Create an Author Page and Book Profile in ‘Goodreads’

When it comes to book-lovers then Goodreads is a buzzing name!! So, if you want to let your books get sold well then you ought to make it visible to the audience who are present all over the world. And, Goodreads is the best option to do so! Once you are done with making an account in ‘Goodreads’, ask your friends, followers, and readers to leave a review on the site and last but not the least recommend it to other users of this website.

7. Use Social Media to Advertise

Nowadays, people spend most of their free time while being online on various social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. So, if you want to leave a solid impression of your book to the world then use these platforms to market your book which would enhance your awareness and publicity.

Want to know how? Well, it’s quite simple and easy! Creating book trailers, sharing book quotes, drawing book doodles would certainly do wonders for you.

Coming to an end…

Apart from these aforementioned important facts, you should keep various other things in your mind if you want to make your book a bestseller.

Like, editing and re-editing your book for multiple times, publishing translations even, having an author website, sending emails to your subscribers, writing a compelling book blurb etc. would certainly help you to come up with nothing but a bestseller.

So, don’t wait anymore! Just take these tips into consideration, go ahead, write and get your international bestseller published soon.

Joseph Payne is the marketing manager at, deals and discounts provider company. He is passionate about money savings, investment and finance industry. In addition, Joseph also supports non-profit agencies that provide healthcare solutions to handicapped and disabled people.