Establishing a powerful author brand is very important for you in order to become successful online. It is considered that building a dominant brand is better than having a superior product. Better author brand helps people to become the center of attraction and influence the readers to follow his closely. Having a powerful brand as an author will definitely help you to flourish in a given theme, style, category, niche or genre. Author brand has become a trademark that decides the success as well as the failure of an author in a given genre.

Every author requires setting up a powerful online presence. Author branding is one of the prevailing tactics that well-known and well time-honored authors used to employ in order to maintain their status as a prime author and get enjoy many advantages. The author brand gives significance to the author than the books. Author branding is said to guarantee that the author’s individuality, style of writing, themes, genres and promote readers to choose his writings from many other authors. Branding is helpful because it presents quality, reliability and experience.

If you would like to be a well known and published author, you could do with an author brand. Professional authors must take author branding seriously. Here are some top tips that will help you to build a powerful author brand:

Be Unique and Original

A lot of authors wrongly think that building a good author brand comes naturally and many others consider that author branding is of no use. Both these suppositions are incorrect. Author branding is very essential if you would like to have a large readers’ base. One of the main things that you should have to establish a powerful author brand is being unique and original in whatever you write about. None of the readers will follow your writing piece if it is not original and offers them something unique. You have to concentrate of writing original pieces and it will give you a potent place online as an author and people will chase you closely in order to go through your new writing pieces.

Create an Authority

If the authors like to create a brand they should first make an authority. One of the main gains of creating an author brand is that it sets you up as an expert in the field. So, every author has to make an authority in their preferred or chosen field of writing. If you have an authority in writing field, you will become the go-to person amid readers. Branded authors used to have a tag of a genre or category of writing such as novel, poem, short story, etc. If you create an authority, you will get the respect from readers and you can influence a plenty of people to read your writings.


As far as the authors are concerned, communication is a very important aspect to build a great author brand. Branding is about communication and the writer should understand what their readers are looking for and how to satisfy their needs. Authors must realize their purpose while writing and understand the purpose of your audience in order to communicate well. With an author brand, you can effortlessly stand out from many authors to attain the attention you need.

Use Social Media

In the modern era, none of the authors can find success in their writing without using social media. Authors used to face a huge competition from other authors and books at the market. With huge amount of books are released every year, authors should use effective methods to stand out from the crowd. Observably, several authors and books get rubbed out from the industry by the competition and never enjoy a fair taste of fame. However, authors can solve this problem by using social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, twitter, LinkedIn, Newsletters, etc in an effective manner. Today’s generation spends most of their time in social media platforms and therefore, authors can reach to them by posting their writings in social media.


Credibility is essential for the authors to set up a good name and brand. Today, people can with no trouble publish contents and turn out to be authors. However, it is the readers who decide the success of an author and they decide whether your writing is great or should follow your writing in future. If you write books or contents are credible, people will consider your writing as a great and they will definitely follow you from then on. In addition to being unique, be credible and it helps you to become the best option amid readers. When writing becomes tantamount with quality and credibility, then, you have attained powerful author brand.

Identify Your Audience

None of the authors can enjoy success in writing without understanding or identifying their audience. In order to build an author brand, you have got to identify who your audience is. Identifying your audience will certainly help you to reach them and understand the things they would be interested in. You will be able to write according to the interest and needs of the audience if you recognize your audience. There will be many different types of people who will like your book or writings and therefore, find the audience and write for them as it helps you to establish a potent author brand.

Know What Your Audience Likes                                                                                                                

After identifying your audience, you should try to be familiar with what your audience likes. It will help you to write according to your audience’s interests and likings. If you write as per the likes of your readers, you can earn an excellent fan base and loyal readers. People who like your writings such as your loyal readers and fans will wait for your writings and they will make all attempts to read your writing as well. If people are waiting for your writings, it denotes that you have a better followers and author brand.

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