The Power 100 – The 100 Best Blogs for the Modern Writer

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power100This is the post I’ve wanting to talk about for the past six months. It’s taken me at least that long to compile it, organize it, rank, and prepare it, not to mention the hours of personally emailing each blog owner to thank them for their writing, time, and effort.

In a word, this post is a doozy. I hope you’ll agree.

What is the “Power 100?” 

So far, the “Power 100” is an ongoing collection of blogs that I’ve used, recommended, read, and shared since I started my writing journey years ago. You’ll find that they range from blogs on self-publishing to blogs on marketing and entrepreneurship, and each is given a main category they’re listed under. That organization structure is to help me keep things straight, but also to help you find your next favorite site. Just click the Category title to organize the list by category!

As of right now, here are the categories mentioned:

  • Self-Publishing – blogs on self-publishing, book creation/marketing, and the general business of writing.
  • Writing Process – need help getting that first draft knocked out? This category has everything you’ll need to write better.
  • Marketing – general marketing information (may not be necessarily related to books).
  • Platforms – we talk a lot about platforms here, so I thought a category specific to building platforms online would be helpful.
  • Lifestyle – you’ll see some blogs listed as “Lifestyle” blogs — these are blogs that are just fun to read, offer great wisdom, or are inspirational.
  • Productivity – finally, what’s writing worth unless you can do it efficiently. These are the best blogs to help stay productive.

You’ll also notice that these categories are very broad, and very generalized. I’ve organized them according to what I usually get from them, but your mileage will vary. In fact, I’m sure you’ll find much more than just what the category mentions on each blog — they’re on this list for that reason!

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I wanted to collect a listing of the absolute best blog resource I’ve had the pleasure of coming across, but I wanted to make sure it was relevant to you — I tried to include the blogs that helped me through a particular problem, a troubled time, or just a boring day.

Each of these entries represents an entire community of writers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs, and each has its own unique flair and usefulness to me. I hope you’ll take a decent amount of time and subscribe to each, or at least visit them and see for yourself why they made this list!

Thanks to Tom Ewer of Leaving Work Behind

Tom gave me the idea for this post — he recently released a “Top 100” blog list as well, and it was such a great resource for me (a few of the blogs on this list ended up on my own list!) that I knew the self-publishing community needed to have one as well!

1A Newbie's Guide to PublishingSelf-Publishing
2StoryFix.comWriting Process
3David GaughranSelf-Publishing
4Michael HyattPlatforms
5The Creative PennSelf-Publishing
6Write to DoneWriting Process
7The Write PracticeWriting Process
8The Book DesignerSelf-Publishing
9Social TriggersMarketing
10Live Write ThriveSelf-Publishing
11Self-Publishing TeamSelf-Publishing
13Writer's DigestWriting Process
14Mens With PensMarketing
16Jane FriedmanSelf-Publishing
17The Art of NonconformityLifestyle
18Novel PublicityMarketing
19Wise, Ink.Self-Publishing
20The Art of ManlinessLifestyle
21Think TrafficPlatforms
24Advanced RiskologyLifestyle
26Exile LifestyleLifestyle
27Get Rich SlowlyLifestyle
28Goins, WriterPlatforms
29Happy MomentumLifestyle
30Paid to ExistPlatforms
31Seth GodinMarketing
32The Future of InkPlatforms
3330 Day BooksSelf-Publishing
35Book Marketing Made EasyMarketing
36Ultimate Book CoachSelf-Publishing
37How to Blog A BookPlatforms
38Dean Wesley SmithSelf-Publishing
40Positive WriterPlatforms
41The Four-Hour WorkweekLifestyle
42Live Your LegendLifestyle
43Smart Passive IncomeMarketing
44Expert EnoughProductivity
46Grow With StacyProductivity
48Firepole MarketingMarketing
49TerribleMindsWriting Process
50The Kill ZoneWriting Process
51Rachelle GardnerSelf-Publishing
52Mystery Writing Is MurderWriting Process
53Catherine, CaffeinatedSelf-Publishing
54Author Marketing ExpertsMarketing
55Lindsay BurokerSelf-Publishing
56LitReactorWriting Process
57Nail Your NovelSelf-Publishing
58We Grow MediaPlatforms
59Author MediaMarketing
60Memoir Writer's JourneyWriting Process
61Make A Living WritingMarketing
62The Bookshelf MuseWriting Process
63Daily Writing TipsWriting Process
64Pen & ProsperMarketing
65Chris GarrettMarketing
66The Savvy Book MarketerMarketing
67The Sharp AngleWriting Process
68WordplayWriting Process
69Darla WritesWriting Process
70Get Me WritingWriting Process
71Big Girl BrandingMarketing
72Novelists At WorkMarketing
73Chris BroganMarketing
75Daily Blog TipsMarketing
76Productive FlourishingProductivity
77Afford AnythingLifestyle
78Dumb Little ManProductivity
79Life of A StewardLifestyle
80Life OptimizerProductivity
81Marc and Angel Hack LifeProductivity
82Simple MomLifestyle
83Starting A Home BusinessPlatforms
84Stepcase LifehackProductivity
85The Change BlogProductivity
86The Simple DollarLifestyle
87Think Simple NowLifestyle
88Zen HabitsLifestyle
89Shake Off the GrindProductivity
90The Sales LionMarketing
91The World's Greatest BookSelf-Publishing
92The Writer's Guide to e-PublishingSelf-Publishing
93Cracking the Indie CodeSelf-Publishing
94Moody WritingWriting Process
95Romance UniversityWriting Process
96The Renegade WriterPlatforms
97The Writer's [Inner] JourneyWriting Process
98Entrepreneur's JourneyMarketing
99Escape from Cubicle NationPlatforms
100Famous BloggersPlatforms

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Nick ThackerThe Power 100 – The 100 Best Blogs for the Modern Writer
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    Nick, thanks for the mention. I know from experience how much work goes into one of these posts, and this one is awesome, and a terrific resource for readers. Great job.

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  • Tracy Campbell

    Awesome list!

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  • KathyPooler

    Hi Nick, I am honored to be listed among so many terrific resources.Thank you very much for the mention and the link as well as for all the time and effort it took to pull all these resources together. I have shared this in my memoir circles and have received many positive comments about how valuable the list is. Great job!

    • Nick Thacker

      Hi Kathy!

      Awesome — thanks for your hard work in providing a valuable resource to the writing community, and for commenting! Glad you like the list!

  • Darla McDavid

    Nick, you made my day! Thank you for mentioning my site on this amazing list, and I’ll be sure to share it.

  • Matt Roberts

    Nick! Dude! Thank you so much for featuring Getmewriting! I’m honoured. Doubly so for finding myself in such esteemed company – that’s a mighty fine list you’ve compiled there!

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    Yay! So excited to see BiblioCrunch on here! I put a lot of work into our blog 🙂 We all do.

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      • K8 ???

        I love BiblioCrunch too! I’m so glad we started the blog and I love working on it (maybe even more than my own little blog I’d love to know what you are your readers would like to see on our blog :)! We are always trying to make it better and more useful for authors.

  • Miral Sattar

    Thanks for putting BiblioCrunch on there! And this is a great great list!!!

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    Honored to make your top 100. So many of these I know and visit–a wonderful list! Thanks so much 🙂

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      Awesome — you deserve it! Thanks for stopping by Angela!

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    Yum! I love your zucchini jumble. Hope you liked the pesto, it was different but good right?

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  • Kate Kearns

    Mash Stories is a great writing community with a blog, a contest, and a podcast.

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  • Taneeka Bourgeois-daSilva

    Are you putting together a list for 2016? I would love if you added my blog to the list.