You don’t have to work from 9 to 5 to earn money these days. Many people set foot in working freelance, and blogging is a good way for people to share their knowledge and enrich themselves at the same time. Although it is worth remembering that blogging is not an easy activity, because the selection of material and the involvement of quality research requires a lot of attention, time and any other internal resources. Therefore, it is worth balancing and dividing your time to search for relevant literature, and in some cases, turn to quality sites that will help you with the analysis of information, such as If you’re ready to start a blog or you’ve already had it, it’s more likely you want to boost traffic. It goes without saying: the more visitors you have, the bigger revenue you have.

If you want to run a top-notch blog, get ready to work a lot with a sharp focus on your target audience. Creating a good blog takes a lot of work, including a regular analysis of your visitors, their needs, and expectations. When you publish a blog post that grabs and holds attention, it’s like delivering a speech: you need to know the goal of your presentation to reach your listeners. The better you know your readers’ needs, the more chances you have to keep them interested.


Until you have an audience, even the best article isn’t worth posting.

While you need to spend countless hours working on expanding your audience, there are some surefire ways to drive traffic to your website, even without investing much money:

1. Create Guest Posts to Share Your Expertise

First things first: if you want to attract more visitors to your blog, get your name out.

To build your online influence, you need to share actionable tips that help readers solve their problems. The more people read your blog post and find it useful, the better. And if you want to reach your potential audience, enter an already-established community: write guest posts for A class websites.

Guest posting is not just about being featured on badass sites to attract their readers to your blog. It’s also about building relations with opinion leaders in your niche.

2. Collaborate with Influencers in Your Niche

Influencer marketing is a great way to promote your brand as most opinion leaders drive action, not just awareness.

Once you’ve established good relations with opinion leaders, it’s time to ask them for collaboration. For instance, you can create a valuable content that is worth sharing, and show it to an influencer who might want to spread it among his or her audience on social media. When a thought leader shares something, it gets more shares and views as people tend to trust recommendations.

3. Promote Your Blog on the Web

Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends Report claims that $73 billion is spent on digital advertising, split between desktop and mobile. In other words, the online environment is getting more and more competitive, so you need to invest into your promotion to reach your target audience. Before wasting your budget on online advertising, do an audience analysis to target the right people.

Don’t wait for your target audience to find your blog by chance: advertise!

4. Reach Your Visitors Through Social Media

Around 81% of U.S. population have accounts on social media. It has become a perfect place for keeping in touch with friends and family, reading news, and finding job positions. It’s also comfortable for people to communicate with brands, so they interact with brand accounts on social media.

Even if you haven’t had a brand account yet, you can reach your potential visitors with the help of your private profile. Your friends and family are the first people to share your content and, therefore, expand your audience.

5. Interact with Your Potential Readers on Other Platforms

Proficient bloggers encourage their readers to communicate in the comments section. People tend to post their thoughts and questions, and it’s a perfect way to hook them. You don’t have to be an author of the text to communicate with other readers. It’s an actionable way to build your awareness in the niche and attract some visitors to your site. When it comes to interacting with potential readers, you need to be useful and provide them with tips that work well.

The bottom line

No matter how much effort you put into writing content for your blog, it’s worth nothing until you have a good audience of readers. Thus, attracting your target audience to the blog is a must, and some of the above-mentioned tactics can help you.

Do you have your secrets on growing your audience online?