When talking about a story plot, originality is a word that is often used. In the era of low-quality stories, corny topics, and poor writing, it is quite a challenge to write a fresh and not trite book. That is why some have sought help from writing services like 123writings. I have been reading a lot of fiction novels and critical essays, and one thing I noticed is that there are some common plot element and storytelling tools that many authors tend to use. So, how do you avoid being a victim of a plot isn’t trite and make it original.

This article will reveal some useful tips on how to check for originality in a plot of your book.

Check for common plot cliches

A common mistake most writers make when writing a book is relying on plot cliches. Ideally, cliches can be frustrating since they have been overused. For example, the chosen one in a story: The main character is selected for that task but there’s no explanation as to why this person is capable of playing this role. But in another plot, for example in the courtesy of Strange Horizons,“White protagonist receives wise advice from Holy Simple Native Folk.” This is a plot, and it tells something valuable about originality. To break away from any cliché, it is important to combine different story plots and come up with something new.

Combine what you are familiar with to make something original

When you combine cliched plots, the result is like a chemical reaction: something very interesting could materialize and form an original story. Take the approach of combining different plot ideas. Ensure that the central idea in you novel doesn’t just follow a familiar path.

Check for sidewinding plots in a familiar plot

Take for example a plot where the chosen character is destined to encounter a lot of great evil. The plot would be boring if the final conflict feels too linear. At this point, subplots will help create a familiar source material and turn it into something compelling. Good subplots that shift the reader’s focus and attention on the least original aspect of your story is a good way to maintain the originality of your story.

Borrow ideas from original novels in your genre

Most writers who want to be original confuse between genre cliches and genre necessities. You don’t necessary need to have warring kingdoms in your plot. To remain original in your plot, look for what other novels or book in your genre consider original. Go through a few of these books and identify the familiar genre elements they have and how the book make these elements less cliché.

Does the plot surpass the reader’s expectations?

Think about the reader’s expectations for your plot and plan how to surprise them. If your story is original, it’s a good sign that it defy’s the reader’s expectations. This means that the story is based on a specific genre such as romance but it doesn’t follow the usual expectations at the end (maybe the lovers do not end up together after all). Similarly, the expectations that are set by a certain group are not met as we would expect. To ensure that the book is original, you need to alter the details of your genre in an interesting way.

Ensure the characters resolve a conflict

Remember that the audience wants to see your characters solve their problems. So, don’t rely on an unknown hero or act of nature to solve problems at the end of your story. The readers have already developed a strong connection with the characters. An original plot will show the reader how these characters have undergone a transformation due to the obstacles they have faced and finally, they made it.

A little unoriginality works fine

Originality makes a story interesting and memorable. Similarly, repetition is considered one of the most satisfying elements used in storytelling. Any story that features familiar elements allows the reader to categorize it within a given context and heritage. As a writer, focus on how you can write a familiar story with ideas that you can attach to yourself instead of trying too hard to make it original.

The truth is that a story is considered more original if you express your personal experience including your passion, unique perspective of something that happened to you, and some form of fascination in your writing.


Writing a good plot is not an easy task. Similarly, creating a plot that isn’t trite is even more difficult. This accomplishment will include a lot of sessions of trial and error, to make it as original as possible. The first attempt may not be perfect and it will take time and a lot of practice to get the right character flow and setting. But, if you have a good structure for your plot, you will have nothing to worry about the originality of your book.